Pam McDowell Saylor

Pam tells a fairy story at Irish Club Celtic event, 8.13.16, Alaska Pacific University

Pam McDowell Saylor, M.Ed., embraces storytelling as a deeply personal-and- communal experience. Storytelling happens in and builds ritual space. There is sometimes a musical element. There is a heightening of presence in the moment as each person takes a private journey within while at the same time remaining aware of and taking energy from the presence of others.

Pam’s great grandparents were from Northern Ireland, where it has been said that “storytelling protects the mind from danger.” With this as a foundation, one can commit to the path of the story and allow oneself to go to unanticipated places– while remaining safe and being in some way awakened by the experience.

With her foundation in storytelling as ritual journeying, Pam’s foundation is in archetypal traditional stories, such as fairy tales, folk tales, and myths.

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