Story excerpt from Linda Benson

Excerpt from “It Happened to Us” by Linda Benson

The true story of my grandfather who had amnesia

“John Davis, you better wake up. This is your station.” The conductor lightly rapped the shoulder of the sleeping gentleman. He roused and looked blankly around. Dazed, he struggled to his feet and tried to overcome the dizzy, sickening sensation it caused. The conductor picked up his traveling bag and helped him to the platform.

The old gentleman looked around. His folks or friends surely would be there to meet him and help him get home. Not a familiar face was in that group of people at the depot. Neither did the station look familiar. He waited uncertainly a few minutes while the transcontinental train pulled out. This, evidently, was quite a city, for everything seemed bustling with activity. But where was his family? Perhaps he ought to phone them. Let’s see – why, he couldn’t remember how to get them! If he just didn’t feel so ill, he would know what to do. There was a hotel across the street. Maybe it would be a good idea to go over there, take a room and rest for a while.

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